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Front Doughnut Vase

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This one off sculptural vase features a thrown 'handle', made from a hollow thrown form which is then attached to the main body of the vase. The inside of the doughnut is completely hollow so is much lighter than it appears to the eye. This form is only achievable by making it on the wheel and closing together the two walls. The air inside the doughnut will never change, there is no ventilation to this enclosed space, so it acts almost like a time capsule holding tight the air from around my wheel.

27cm tall, 12.5cm wide (incl doughnut)

 Lily graduated from UCL with a BA(hons) in Russian before turning her hand to sourdough baking, and then to pottery. It was during her time baking that she became concerned with processes in making, and this concern is evident in her ceramic work today. She is driven by experimenting with new processes and approaches to clay as a material, while keeping her work clean using straight lines and simple forms. She enjoys the satisfaction and fluidity found in production making, as well as the opportunity to experiment with one off pieces using the techniques honed in production making. She predominantly uses the potters wheel, even for sculptural pieces, with minimal glazing and a focus on primary colours.

For commissions and enquiries contact pearmain.lily@gmail.com

Current work can be found at Pangolin London, Other Shop, October 26, Happy + Co